APEX LEGENDS: Free2Play Hero Shooter Battle Royale Available Now

Apex Legends, a Free2Play shooter with a heavy emphasis on team play using Heroes, joins the Battle Royale market on Origin as of Monday 3rd 2019. The surprise release came after a long weekend of whispers and rumours about Respawn Entertainment, the makers of Titanfall and Titanfall 2, making an announcement on Monday about a secret project.

Apex Legends seperates itself from other Battle Royale games on the market by offering some interesting features. Players choose heroes with unique abilities and very different play styles to join a team of three. These abilities are there to help not just you but your teammates also.

Apex Legends BloodhoundRaven
Apex Legends offers interesting heroes

The familiar Battle Royale features are all still there: jumping from a ship, the desperate scramble for loot and an ever encroaching circle of doom. Apex Legends really sets itself apart from the competition, especially in the Free2Play market, from the moment the game starts; everything is very slick and polished, from the menu screen to the wealth of options available in the settings, to the fast paced gameplay and hero commentary. 

The gunplay is solid, with enemies dying quickly if they have not equipped themselves with any shields. The movement mechanics means you can quickly get around by sliding, zipwiring and swinging your way around the detailed map.

Apex Legends Gameplay
Apex Legends explosive gameplay, big guns and big personalities.

The game is free to play right now on Origin. Give it a try and we will see you on the battlefield.

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