Apex Legends Developers Discuss Tackling Cheaters


Respawn Entertainment, the developers of the Free2Play Battle Royale game Apex Legends, have taken to Reddit to address concerns over cheaters on the game.

Cheaters are often a concern on any online game; couple this with a game where it is free of charge to create a new account whenever you like and banning accounts becomes a bucket for bailing out water on a sinking ship rather than a solutiom. It is an issue which has been Free2Play games nemesis since their inception, and the hit online Battle Royale game is no different.

To put players mind at ease, the Apex Legends developers revealed what they are doing to tackle the problem. The possible solutions range from as highly technical as Machine Learning, to the slightly humorous where it is suggested that detected cheaters are only placed in matches with other cheaters by the matchmaking system. Initially, this may not seem like a very effective idea but they may actually be on to something. If a cheater is banned upon detection, they will likely just create a new account and continue cheating until their next ban, bothering the people who play fair in the meantime and ruining their game experience. If they are placed in matches with other cheaters, they will be kept away from the actual playerbase until they realise. Who knows? Maybe the frustration of sharing game time with other cheaters will make them see the error of their ways, a kind of digital reformation.

The full list of what Respawn Entertainment are considering can be found on their Reddit thread. Hopefully it will provide food for thought for other Free2Play shooter developers on how to provide a fairer, more enjoyable game experience for all.