APEX LEGENDS: Free2Play "Titanfall" Shooter Rumoured To Land Monday

According to a number of sources, Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment are about to do a surprise drop in to the Battle Royale genre with a Free2Play shooter set in the Titanfall universe called Apex Legends

EA has remained tight-lipped about the possible upcoming release, with the only hints coming from EA trademarking the "Apex Legends" name and top creators being invited for a secret event in Los Angeles. Finally, on Saturday 2nd February, journalist Rod Breslau seemingly confirmed suspicions by tweeting about the game and it's imminent arrival.

So What Is Apex Legends?

It has been reported that Apex Legends will be a Free2Play online shooter, using the Battle Royale model to pit 60 players in team of 3 against each other. Apex Legends will allow players to use particular classes with unique abilities, presumably in an effort to promote team play and further seperate the game from other entries in the genre.

The game will run on the same engine Titanfall and Titanfall 2 did; a modified version of the Source engine by Valve.

Reportedly using a similar monetisation model as Overwatch, it is assumed Apex Legends will use Loot Boxes and purchasable cosmetics.

Watch this space for more info.

Time To Be Excited?

Despite the Battle Royale genre being a heavily saturated area right now, EA's entry still provides an exciting prospect. If Apex Legends brings Titanfalls trademark fast paced, wall-running action in a free2play shooter package then it will become a very interesting alternative to the full-price titles CoD: Black Ops 4 and PUBG.

While it's very unusual to hear about an imminent release from a major games studio nowadays, it's also very refreshing to be excited and know that initial excitement can be taken straight into the gameplay. Far too often, games are announced and the hype grows far beyond the games potential or wears off completely and it misses the boat. This surprise release could work in their favour.

Titanfall 2 Apex Legends
Titanfall 2 by Respawn

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