Fortnite Season X Update


Season X is here for Fortnite, and with the update comes some interesting additions, map changes and challenges.

Lots of changes are here with the usual inclusion of new skins, emotes and map alterations. Season X introduces the “Brute Mech”, a mechanised vehicle which can be used by two pilots at a time where one player controls the mech’s movement and the other player is at the helm of the weaponry. The mech brings tremendous versatility to the player, allowing them to jump, stomp, smash and explode their way through the battle royale.

At long last, Epic Games have allowed the Battle Pass to be gifted for the first time with season X letting you get your friends in on the action.

Epic Games continues it’s impressive evolution of the Fortnite map with a huge explosion from the orb causing “Rift Zones”. Along with a host of other changes, the ever increasingly elaborate story brings back the fan-favourite area Dusty Depot. The map will undergo more changes as the season progresses, promising ever-changing experiences over time.

The full list of changes can be viewed on the official Fortnite patch listhere or take a look at their website.