Rogue Company Gameplay Reveal


Hi-Rez Studio and First Watch Games reveal gameplay footage for their upcoming Third Person Shooter(TPS), Rogue Company.

Rogue Company Squad
Rogue Company Coastal Map
Rogue Company Map

Rogue Company’s gameplay reveal confirms the objective oriented gameplay in a 5v5 PVP setting. Tapping into the seemingly endless appeal of Battle Royale games, players fly into a site in each arena before battle starts. They must work together to attack and defend two objectives – devices waiting to be hacked.

This reveal (and previous ones) has focused on the characters and their unique personalities. This is becoming a staple of a Hi-Rez title. Rogue Company features Anvil, Blur, Dima, Jackal, Pheonix and Trench.

Whilst the characters personalities are flamboyant and the art style is colourful, character abilities and game physics are reasonably grounded in reality. Basic movements include running, jumping, crouching and using a zip wire. Rolling was also shown but unclear if it was a character ability or a standard player movement.

Rogue Company Third Person Shooter
Rogue Company Flying
Rogue Company Zipwire
Rogue Company Katana
Rogue Company Self Revive
Rogue Company Roll
Rogue Company Downed
Rogue Company Grenade Launcher
Rogue Company objective

Never fear, Rogue Company provides an arsenal of rapid-switch weapons (standard and purchased) and character special abilities. Weapon choices include handguns, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles and melee weapons. Special character abilities include using a grenade launcher, exploding throwing knives, faster movement and sensing nearby enemies. This can turn the tide of battle and encourage cooperation between teammates.

At this stage, Rogue Company does not look like a game that will set the world alight, but it is nice to see a new third person shooter joining the free shooter market. It is also nice to see a game, particularly a TPS, which returns to the old favourite of 5v5 objective based gameplay.

Rogue Company is anticipated to launch in Summer 2020.

The full alpha reveal trailer for Rogue Company can be seen below.

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