The Cycle Gameplay Screenshots


The Cycle gameplay screenshots from PC can be found below.

The Cycle Scenic
The Cycle Laser Drill
The Cycle River
The Cycle Squad Game
The Cycle Station Lobby
The Cycle Swamp

What is The Cycle?

The Cycle is a free, online, First Person Shooter (FPS) game developed by Yager. In The Cycle, the player competes with other players for contracts on an alien planet called Fortuna 3. Players can choose to engage in PVP, PVE or a mixture of the two during their time on the planet. The more contracts you complete before having to evacuate the planet, the higher you rank. The higher you rank at the end of a match, the more experience and credits you gain. This experience will level up your character and allow weapon and ability unlocks for you to use in your future matches.

When Is The Cycle released?

The Cycle is set to leave Early Access at the end of 2020, where the game will be released on Steam. The Cycle can be downloaded for free from the Epic Games Store in it’s Early Access state right now.

Find out more from the official website of The Cycle.