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Announcement: Rogue Company

Announcement: Rogue Company Hot

Hi-Rez, the developers behind Smite and Paladins, have announced their newest TPS project for 2019/2020, Rogue Company.

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Announcement: Rogue Heist

Announcement: Rogue Heist Hot

Rogue Heist, a new third person shooter, has entered Steam’s Early Access. The 6v6 heist game is now free2play on Steam.

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Review: Black Squad

Review: Black Squad

Black Squad is a free online first-person shooter (FPS) developed and published by NS Studio for PC. The game provides a good alternative to Counter Strike in the free2play (F2P) market, with more accessible gameplay and polishing the flawed traditions of Korean F2P shooters.

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Announcement: Caliber

Announcement: Caliber have announced they have been working on a highly tactical, online third person shooter (TPS) for the free to play market by the name of Caliber. 

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Update: Fortnite Season X

Update: Fortnite Season X Hot

Season X is here for Fortnite, and with the update comes some interesting additions, map changes and challenges.

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