Gundam Evolution now released

Fans of the Gundam anime will have been anticipating this 6v6 FPS

What is Gundam Evolution?

Gundam Evolution is a 6v6 objective-based FPS created with Unreal Engine 4. The game was developed and published by Bandai Namco.

Fans of the hugely popular Gundam anime will be pleased to play as some of their favourite "Mobile Suits", with a large roster of units to choose from.

What can I expect to be doing?

Each Mobile Suit has their own weapons and abilities for helping your team and taking down the enemy. Players work as a team to complete objectives such as capturing an area, attacking/defending a bomb point or fighting for control of randomly selected objectives.

Team work is focal point of the game as players are encouraged to work together and use their unique abilities to compliment one another. Anyone familiar with the gameplay of Overwatch or Paladins will feel at home immediately.

Initial Impressions?

First impressions are mixed. The gameplay is fast, fun and has exciting moments when desperately trying to complete the objective. There is a large selection of Mobile Suits to choose from the get go, all feeling fairly varied.

Unfortunately, there are some balancing issues which are immediately obvious, with melee units in particular. Not completely unexpected when the game has just launched and players are still figuring things out. There have also been concerns raised about the network performance with lag and dropouts reported. Hopefully these are just teething problems for launch.

When can I play Gundam Evolution?

You can play Gundam Evolution right now, for free! As of 20th September 2022, Gundam Evolution can be played via Steam here

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